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Puhas Loodus

A daily moment just for yourself. Puhas Loodus (Pure Nature) is a treating and pampering skin and haircare series inspired by Estonian nature – with high-quality and scientifically proven products. Exactly when you need it.


A medical skincare line approved by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund that pampers your dry and sensitive Nordic skin. All products are developed in accordance with recommendations from dermatologists and the Estonian Psoriasis Association.


Enjoy the sun even if your sensitive Nordic skin is tested by the arrival of summer after a long and dark Estonian winter. All products are developed in accordance with recommendations from dermatologists.


Much loved nostalgic products in new high-quality form. Here you can find your old favourites as well as products that have been modernised based on scientific research.

Puhas Kodu

Puhas Kodu (Clean Home) is a line of cleaning products that makes every home a naturally clean oasis. This line was created back in 1937, when we launched washing liquids, green soap and many other products.


Enjoy your carefree summer! A versatile family-friendly product line that makes you invisible to insects. It also offers protection from horseflies, blackflies and other annoying bugs. Immediate relief from mosquito bites.

Puhas Limpa

A superb line of washing products, which has been a favourite among Estonian children since 2001.

Bulk packaging

Effective cleaning products in sustainable packaging for professional as well as domestic consumers.

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