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A medical skincare line that pampers your dry and sensitive Nordic skin. All products are developed in accordance with recommendations from dermatologists and the Estonian Psoriasis Association.

Pharmacy line with urea

Ortomed products contain urea, which is absorbed by stratum corneum, the outermost later of the epidernis of your skin, as a natural moisturising component, softening your skin naturally. Urea promotes the spontaneous regeneration of skin cells. Your skin gradually becomes stronger and more resistant to the effects of the surrounding environment.

For problematic skin

This Ortomed line focuses on the daily care of the face, hands, hair and body and is also suitable for babies. The products have been tested dermatologically and do not contain parabens, synthetic perfumes or colourants.

Available in all pharmaceutical chains across Estonia

A century of practical values
A century of practical values
A century of practical values

Ortomed products

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