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Our story

It was 1932

A time when freedom and independence had a different taste. A time when young women had boyish haircuts, living in the countryside was still in fashion and being practical was like a sixth sense to us. A woman flew above the Atlantic Ocean for the first time, the first film festival was held in Venice and here in our very own Estonia, Orto gradually wove its way into people’s hearts.

Back then we became pioneers in producing consumer goods, household chemicals, perfumes and cosmetics. We made our mark with our legendary soaps and washing sodas, shoe polish and aluminium tubes. We demonstrated fortitude, creativity and smart solutions. We were proud to be inseparable companions to our clients in their daily lives.

Today, the world is entirely different, but the longing for sustainable and durable values is as great as ever. Nearly one hundred years later, Orto is still honoured to stand by your side and come to your rescue in daily matters. With unwavering perseverance, we aim to unite the groundbreaking knowledge and quality standards of the beauty world with pure Estonian pragmatism.

A modern manufacturer of cosmetics and household chemicals

Orto considers its 90 years of experience to be of irreplaceable value. As a result of new technology, product development and effective marketing communication, Orto is one of the leaders of the cosmetics market, rising to third place with its high-quality skincare series.

Orto’s values lie in our experienced product development specialists, excellent brand ideology and balanced product portfolio.

For a sustainable future

Natural ingredients are essential for us. In addition to the natural origin of our ingredients, we also pay great attention to their responsible processing. We continuously perfect the composition and manufacturing technology of our products to improve their quality and make them environment friendly.

Our packages are as recyclable as possible, from plastic tubes to recycled cardboard bulk packages. Single-component plastic packages or packages that are easily detachable allow them to be reused without employing intricate technologies.

Orto’s activities throughout the decades

1932, when it all started. A grand entrance into the domain of household chemistry and perfumery. 
Sounds exciting? Come, let’s reminisce!


Orto’s first facial cream


The company is named ORTO, which comes from the Greek word ‘orthos’ (straight, correct).


In line with the times, Orto expanded – a building department, aluminium tube factory, and production of fiberglass furniture and buoys.


Launch of thistle shampoo, which remains part of our range to this day.


Orto moves to Ülemiste and launches new product groups, such as Plix mosquito repellents and Solar sun protection lotions.


Launch of the new pharmaceutical cosmetics series Ortomed and Puhas Loodus (Pure Nature), a line of beauty products.


Completion of Orto’s modern production, storage and office building.


Orto and Puhas Loodus are revamped.

A century of practical values
A century of practical values
A century of practical values


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