The investments made during the recent years have significantly improved product quality. A high-tech reactor-homogeniser is used for the production of emulsions, gels and shampoos, permitting for the oxygen-free production of emulsions with the average size of particles less than 10 µm. In 2000, the company purchased an appliance for bottling and sealing plastic and laminate tubes, the first in the Baltic states, which enables bottling of products in tubes in an inert gas environment. Unlike aluminum tubes and boxes, this technology permits to deliver bacteria-free products, securing user safety and a long shelf life for the product. The equipment produced by the same manufacturers is used by the leading international cosmetics companies. In the cosmetics plant of the factory, the water treatment unit was replaced and a special UV-treatment equipment was installed for bactericidal treatment of water. In the household chemicals department, the bottling line for filling 0.5 litre bottles was reconstructed and equipment for packaging products in shrink- wrap film was installed.