Product Development

In addition to the most modern European technology and best raw materials from the close surroundings and Europe product development is the prerequisite for efficient and high-quality products. All our products are based on the formulas developed in the development centre of Orto. In its activities Orto's development centre proceeds from the latest scientific accomplishments and the wisdom of folk medicine. This secures that the products of Orto are simultaneously efficient, accurate impact while still being mild. In the field of cosmetics, the same principle governs the choice of herbs as it does the food. The herbs grown around the close neighbourhood are the most beneficial. Therefore herbs originating from the close neighbourhood and their extracts are employed in Orto. During the recent years, the look of Orto’s products has been changed beyond recognition. In 1998 the natural cosmetics line Pure Nature (Puhas Loodus) was delivered to the market in 1999. Today Pure Nature (Puhas Loodus) is one of the most popular cosmetic brands besides French and German world wide known brands in  Estonia

Orto operates pursuant to clear principles, which to date have brought indisputable success.

Our products are characterised by:

  • Clear brand and product structure,
  • Honest domestic approach,
  • Comprehensibility,
  • Simplicity of use,
  • Reliable healthiness 
  • consumer-friendly prices