About us

Environment and nature


Natural ingredients are increasingly valued and today also preferred by consumers. The Pure Nature cosmetics product line, created in 1998, is a homage to nature and the environment around us. We are happy to see a new generation of Pure Nature products users growing up.

In addition to the fact that one of the biggest criteria in the selection of ingredients is their natural origin, we also take into consideration that the further processing would be responsible. We make sure that substances based on palm oil reach us through a responsive supply chain and that we do not overburden the ecosystem.

We are constantly improving the compositions and production technology of our products in order to produce high quality in and environmentally sustainable way.

Our packaging is maximally recyclable, from plastic tubes and bottles to cardboard wholesale packaging. One-component and easily separable plastic packaging allows them to be reused without the use of complex technologies. Cardboard boxes used for product packaging are made of 99-100% recycled material and are easy to be picked up later.

For the purpose of collecting and reusing our packaging materials, we co-operate with the Estonian Reuse Organization, through which the packaging of a responsible user reaches the right place. We have joined the global Responsible Care program, which unites the chemical industry.